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Turkey - Alanya Property Investment

Many real estate investors were delighted when the Turkish government finally agreed to open another airport located at the southern region of Turkey. Because of this, there are more investors of real estate property would want to purchase a Turkish investment in the country.

According to the local newspaper called Telegraph, Turkey decided to have another airport so that tourists visiting their fabulous country can arrive in Turkey more conveniently. This would definitely affect the real estate market in a very positive way. The property buying process of Turkey will be more accessible. This would also make the southern region of the country more attractive to the real estate purchasers wanting to have their costly investment here in Turkey.

The southern airport building site is just a few miles away from a famous resort in Turkey. Alanya will gain more popularity from tourists arriving at the southern airport since it is just thirty minutes away from the establishment. With this improved accessibility in Alanya, this will eventually become a hot destination for the locals of Turkey. Moreover, expatriates and foreign investors would also be eyeing to own a property here in Alanya. This would result to a more abundant tourism market for Alanya and Turkey in general.

Alanya is also recognized as one of the oldest resorts in Turkey. Despite of its age, Alanya still remains stunning as it was before. Aside from the kilometric pristine beaches near the Mediterranean Sea, Alanya is also a great site to see the panoramic views of the Taurus Mountains. With a perfect combination of dramatic landscapes and clear beaches, Alanya served as a strategic location for the Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman empires long ago. This goes to show that Alanya is not only rich in natural magnificence but it is rich in history as well. There are areas in Alanya where tourists can get a glimpse of the past – another lure for resort visitors. One najor historical site in Alanya is the shipyard built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat in 1226.

The great blend of Alanya’s climate and landscape makes it a major destination for tourists and investors. So far, Alanya is responsible for the 10 percent of the country’s tourism market. But because of the airport in the southern region, many are expecting that the figures will go higher. Sooner or later, Alanya will become the best spot for real estate investors looking for an excellent property in Turkey. The city will be demanding more and more properties for rent especially during the summer season.

There are various types of properties available in Alanya. They have detached villas and even off plan property developments. There will be no scarcity of investment opportunities here in Alanya. An interested real estate buyer must prepare at least GBP 60,000 or more if they want to purchase a real estate investment in the jewel of Meditteranean.

The news of the approval of the southern airport placed all over the real estate magazine and newspapers gave excitement to the investors world wide. Alanya will soon increase its property value. That is why real estate investors are taking this opportunity to grab and buy investments in Alanya while the prices are not yet increasing. The project is now under the supervision of TAV. TAV is a local company in Turkey which has a long-term lease on the other Turkish airport called Gazipasa.

Turkey is expecting that the southern airport will start to fully operate by the middle of the year 2008. But as of now, real estate investors and tourists will have to rely on the main airport and other transportation modes of the country that would take them to the exquisite resorts of Alanya.