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Alanya Travel Guide

Alanya is an eminent seaside resort in southern Turkey. The resort is 150 km heading east from Antalya. To the east and west of Alanya, several of the finest beaches in Turkey and the Taurus Mountains are exposed, which offers bravura panorama. Most of prehistoric Alanya lie on the huge rock-strewn cape that extends out into the ocean. It is also feasible to devour the view of some towers and mosques, old houses, and a pleasant small harbor, in the ancient town. By the riverside, there are plenty of cafes, tea-houses, friendly bars, as well as restaurants with a great variety of traditional and international cuisine.



Towering above Alanya, an inspiring 14th century castle could be discovered. Inside its walls there are mosques, charming houses as well as a Byzantine church ornamented with frescoes. There are also narrow alleyways, which tend to attract fellow shoppers to the multicolored boutiques and stalls of copper, carpets, jewelleries and cheesecloth dresses.


Alanya is distinguished for its historical and cultural tourist attractions. Alanya has an unconquerable beach life as well.
The spectacular sandy Cleopatra beach lies to the west of the resort while the fine sands of Alanya beach lies to the east.

A wonderful assortment of water-sports is accessible here.


The nightlife is laid-back and tranquil with extensive selections of nightspots situated at the edge of town. There are strings of lively bars as well as late-night discos to pick for in Alanya.


Tourist's attraction is mostly focused on Damlatas Cave mainly because of its spine-chilling buckled rock silhouette. While in the Dim Cay Valley, situated 15km east of Alanya, the visitors can lighten up in the shade of this dramatic valley and enjoy a picnic whilst listening to the watercourse rushing by.


Journey to the east of Alanya in the direction of Gazipasa, some of Turkey’s most beautiful seashores originates. Further, on the east Aytap, the marina city is a tremendous tour site, in the midst of Roman remnants along the beaches. Alanya is a spectacular holiday centre where motels and modern hotels, outstanding fish restaurants, bars and cafes are located.


AlanyaIn addition, the cafes that surround the harbor had turned out

to be admired gathering places for travelers. As for the town's beautiful recreational area, the major road that runs alongside the coastline to the harbor is filled with numerous boutiques that attract every one with leather, jewellery, watches, clothes, handbags handicrafts, and painted gourds which are an icon of the region.


During the month of August, the town most of the time hosts

a multicolored International Folklore Festival. Nonetheless, the huge admired resort centre of Alanya is located at one end of

a rock-strewn cape which extends out into the Mediterranean flanked by two lengthy sandy beaches.


Even though Alanya record dates all the way back during the Roman era, it rises to distinction beneath the Seljuk's. Historically, Aladdin Keykubat completed his winter home and marine base in 1220.


The existing buildings reveal the significance of the city in Seljuk era. Besides the inspiring castle, the unique harbors and the well-known Octagonal Kizil Kule, which is also known as the Red Tower, are worth a visit.


The Turkey government decided to build another airport, just a few miles away from this famous travel destination. This plan will boost the tourism and the real estate investment business in this part of Turkey.