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Altinkum Travel Guide

Altinkum is a welcoming resort where you will discover the friendly locals with comfortable attitude towards the visitors. You will also get the opportunity in making friends with them right away, as they enjoy nothing more than a chat over

a glass of Turkey's legendary apple tea. You will not be surprised if you come repeatedly to Altinkum just to visit your newfound friends.


Altinkum means "golden sands" due to its beaches, which soothingly sets aside the appealing turquoise blue Aegean. Umbrellas and sun beds are accessible for rental and once it's all settled there will be no necessity for you to move when waiting for the sunset.



You can travel around the fine preserved archaeological places of the Roman Empire. Previously it was the leading trade centre and harbor city of Asia Minor, the city of Ephesus now welcomes thousand of visitors from all around the world each year. Do also halt at the Grand Theatre that has a seating competence of 25,000. This is where St Paul gave his speech once and the place where performers like Diana Ross and Sting performed. Once you are full with the superb open buffet meal, do take a trip throughout the scenic countryside as well as stop on the very day to observe The Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders in the world.


Pamukkale is known as the "Cotton Castle" where stalactites with the white moon craters overflow with sparkling waters, you will crave to find out more on this unbelievable natural spectacle. Pamukkale was also famous to prehistoric men as being a remedial core for skin illness and other sicknesses for its high contents of calcium in its thermal pools. Do not miss the chance to visit the chronological city of Hierapolis, which was deserted due to the outbreak of malaria more than a few centuries ago. Presently, the city is known as the Dead City or The Necropolis.


AltinkumThere are many opportunities for tourists to take bath in the Cleopatra's Poor. When you dip your body inside the water, you will feel relaxed and lightened. Miletos is a city where most of the well-known people came from. The great Thales was born in Miletos in 640 BC. The other famous personalities from Miletos are Hippodomos- the city's planning architect, Isidoros- a geographer, a famous historian-Hekatios, and Anaximander the philosopher. Tourists are recommended to discover Priene for a memorable sightseeing experience especially the Delta of River Meander where the place used to be an ocean few thousands ago. Other than that, Priene is also known as Anatolian Pompeii. Didyma's temple of Apollo is popular for its architectures that would preferably categorize it as being the finest temple in the world.

When planning to travel to the beautiful Altinkum, check out the local hotels and choose from the best accommodations including luxury hotels to cheap hostels.