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Turkey Beaches 2017

For the unqualified, Turkey, being enclosed by Black Sea on the north, the Mediterranean in the west and the Aegean Sea on the south, it happens to be scattered with breathtakingly stunning beaches. With the right beach activities offered, the historical treasure troves, the picturesque exquisiteness and the extensive ranging accommodation packages of the Turkish Beaches can give any Acapulco or South Beach, a run for their money.

Here is a list of the most popular beaches in Turkey:




The Side of Antalya

It was once a village 65km away from the east of Antalya, which is now noisy as well as crowded with people however these beaches are still all right and unharmed. Both of the Turks and foreigners come here for its seaside restaurants and bars, varieties of lodgings, and of course for its perfect white sandy beaches. Usually, the best times to enjoy the Side are during the late April, May, early June and October. Do avoid coming during the weekends if you must come in the high summer because that is when half of Ankara goes down to the Side for a swim.


The Patara Beach

It is 20km long and 50 meters wide which is never crowded. This is because the small village inland from the beach

has only a few hundred of tourist beds. The remains of prehistoric Patara are just inwards from the beach. No large hotels can be constructed in an archeological region; as a result the beach has been be protected from intense expansion. If the beach has one disadvantage, it's that there are a small number of trees, which therefore gives little shade, therefore one should be geared up for a day of sun. The remains of Patara are very interesting. The remains

of the Patara are fascinating; a triple-arched triumphal gate, a ruined basilica, a sand-swept theater, a public bath

and a necropolis (cemetery) with Lycian tombs, which are among others. More info on Patara Beach.


Ölüdeniz Beach

Ölüdeinz BeachIt is the Mediterranean Turkey's most beautiful; it is also the most famous and popular. Ölüdeniz is simply 8.5 km south of Fethiye which is over the mountains. The beach is large enough to accommodate the crowd, sunbathers and swimmers but not constantly the amount of buses and cars that pack the narrow access road.


Para gliders jump from the nearby mountaintops, high-ceilinged and perched above the sea and the beach, lastly landing accurately on the beach. Tandem paragliding is where two people fly simultaneously in the identical strap up which nowadays is very popular


If you are planning to stay for a short while at Ölüdeniz beach before going somewhere else after, you may fancy staying in Fethiye, where its cost tend to be lesser, as well as catch one of the regular minibuses to Ölüdeniz for a day. Every single one intercity bus functions out of Fethiye's otogar (bus terminal).  More info on Ölüdeniz Beach.