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Bursa Travel Guide

Through its rich soil and remedial thermal waters, Bursa attracted emperors and rulers and was established as one of the most important centres during the ancient Roman times. The arrival of the Ottomans during 1326 ensured the city's prosperity as a cultural and economic centre. Now, the city represents one of the richest legacies of the early Ottoman art and architecture. Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. The city provides beneficiary theological schools (medreses), social services (Hans, hamams, and public fountains), humanitarian centres (imarets), and the finest mosques. Its density of graceful domes, arched portals, magnificently carved minbars (pulpits), and artfully tiled minarets could provide the coursework for extensive study of the Ottomans easily and without doubt, a long walking tour.



Bursa today is an agricultural centre and flourishing industrially for its cotton textiles and fine silk which makes it as

the centre of Turkey's automobile industry. Mount Uludag ski resorts provide the city's residents a relaxing weekend gateway and it's not a rare thing for people to make special trips just to stock up cotton towels. In fact, many people just fly over to Uludag to a private hotel just to have a meal. However, many of them go over to Mount Uludag for the same reasons as the Byzantines, Ottomans and Romans did where the prosperous hot mineral springs is sparkle all over the region.


Bursa is the home of miscellaneous natural beauty, accompanied by its historical background. If you’re a nature lover, you can go and visit the seaside resorts of Gemlik and Mudanya. Make sure you also visit the six hundred years old plane tree which is still standing on the Uludag slope.


In Bursa, there are many historical places to visit like mosques, tombs (turbes), baths, monuments, and so on. The Turkish baths or known as Hamams here are one of the grand places where you can take a relaxing bath in warm, mineral rich springs.


The oldest bath which is the Eski Kaplica or call the old spring is the best bath of Karamustafa Pasa. Within the district

of Yesil (Green), lies Yesil turbe and Yesil Cami. It was constructed during the sultan Mehmet I period. The Yesil Cami

or green mosque is called the "jewel of Bursa" because of its gorgeous marble works. In the green garden, just across the mosque is the Yesil turbe which houses the tomb of Mehmet I.

Next to the tomb is an ethnological center, which is worth visiting. Other beautiful mosques built are Yildirim Beyazit mosque which was the first one built in the Ottoman style, Ulu Cami or Grand mosque which was Seljuk style with vibrant calligraphic wall decoration, Orhan Gazi mosque, and the Emir Sultan mosque.

Besides the mosques, you can visit the mausoleums of Orhan and Osman as well as the Muradiye compound which presently houses the tombs of many Ottoman empires and the 15th century Muradiye mosque.