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Fethiye Travel Guide

The charming town of Fethiye lies at the hills of the Mount Mendos. It is a part of the Tourus Mountain chains and surrounds the bay. This is how Fethiye gets it name. On a warm and sunny winter day, a usual Mediterranean

weather, these mountains with pine trees at their skirts and mist and white snow on their top welcomes you to

the land of paradise as you sip your Turkish coffee or tea from the tea gardens along the coastline.



The weather characteristics are dry with long hot summers and short, warm rainy winters. During the summer, Fethiye has a temperature of around 86-105 F while during winter it drops down to 50 F. Considering fact that these turquoise coloured seas do not fall below 60F, swimming is legitimate for nine months of the year.


Because of the general weather conditions in Fethiye, the pine forests consist of silver fur, scotch fir and Norway sprucely that covers up the place. Myrtle, plane tree, acacia, laurel, olive, and some other popular trees are the

several types of plants which you can find over there. The source of myrrh is the frankincense tree or better known

as the Liquidamber Orientalis. It is generally used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and is among the endangered species in the world.


You can choose to have a relaxing journey to Fethiye with any of the three highways through the pine forest, which connects to Burdur, Mugla and Antalya. Scheduled bus trips are offered in all these three destinations. They form the link between Fethiye and some other cities. The nearest centre for air travelling is the Dalaman Airport which is 31 miles away from Fethiye. In addition to the year round flights to Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, it connects flights to the Turkish Airlines and there are also direct flights offered to all the main cities to Asia, America, and Europe. Fethiye has the fourth largest harbour after Iskenderun, Antalya and Mersin and it offers great easiness in marine travelling, during the tourist peak seasons. Fethiye's harbour is the stop over for all yachts crews. Fethiye is also well known for paragliding from the Baba Mountain nearby. The parachuters land at the Olü Deniz or known as the Dead Sea, which

is one of the best beaches in Turkey. The region is also well known for carved tombs in the mountains.


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