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Turkey Real Estate - Mortgage Guide

Few years ago, many expatriates and would-be expatriates lost their interest in buying a real estate investment in Turkey.
The same goes for most property investors. This is because Turkey has some mortgage constraints way back then. But as of now investors are now giving a second look to this beautiful country. Turkey is gradually emerging as a tourist and investor destination.

Recently, the mortgage situation here in Turkey has been changed. This attracted more property investors as well as expatriates to purchase an expensive investment in this country. They are the ones who used to rent in Turkey. They chose not to buy real estate properties because of their frustration in mortgage constraints. More often than not, British are the common potential buyers here in Turkey. Now that the real estate properties comes with mortgages, more and more British are interested in buying a property investment in Turkey. This will be their vacation home as they look for a warmer weather during the cold season in their local country.

The mortgage rules were only changed during the early months of the year 2007. But during the times that there were still mortgage constraints, potential buyers of property investments in Turkey usually have only two options to choose from. It’s either they would have to pay the full price of the property in cold cash or they have to deal with the mortgages having high-interest rates from their overseas banks. They were now thankful that the mortgage rules have changed. As of now, foreign investors can now have an affordable mortgage rate available at the local banks of Turkey.

Though the currency of Turkey took a battering in the year 2006, there are many financial experts who still believed in the potential of this country. There viewpoint is now becoming true since Turkey’s economy is now one of the fastest rising economy in the world. Some experts said that this would last for more years to come. This economic growth is attributed by the decrease in the interest rates and a high demand for real estate properties since the new mortgage law has been established. Along with this demand for property investments, tourism also plays a major part in boosting the economy of the country. This is a great news for both local and foreign investors who are seeking for more buy-to-let and renting market opportunities.

There are several hot spots for property investments scattered all around the country of Turkey. Most of these property investment areas are along the coasts of Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. For those who wanted to purchase a property investment in the interiors of Turkey, they usually look at the city of Istanbul, Kusadasi and even Alanya. There are also tons of choices for the resort-style properties.

Most real estate properties start at GBP 35,000. This is usually an apartment built with two bedrooms. However, prices will start to increase if you want a more stylish house or if you wish to be located in an area where most tourists are visiting. There are also the so-called freestanding villas. The price of these villas starts at GBP 250,000 but still it can go higher depending on the location and region in Turkey.

Financial experts foresee that the property values in Turkey will soon increase. This is because of the great demand made by foreign and local investors who are both looking for a place in Turkey where they can invest their assets. Thanks to the abundant construction projects and to the new mortgage law, the property market of Turkey opened a wide welcoming door for more and more investors to purchase an investment in this country.