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Turkish Food

Turkey is well known for its rich selection of food, which makes it very meaningful to make a culinary exploration of the country. The Turks do not have one main Turkish dish like the French sauce or the Italian pasta but they perfected their dishes to an excellent expertise that reproduce their enhancement of ethnicity. Turkey has a long range of prehistoric recipes that was perfected by the chefs who were eager to satisfy the Sultans. The dishes are simple in appearance, its natural flavors not veiled by sauces. Since the Ottomans passed laws to control freshness of food, leftovers are rarely found in Turkish homes.



Eastern Mediterranean Food

Eastern Mediterranean goes perfectly with vegetable and fruits. Turkey is also surrounded by four separate seas,

the Med, the Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Sea of Marmara. Unsurprisingly fish and seafood are accessible in great quantity and form an essential part of the majority of Turkish menus.


Expanding Empires

The Anatolian Peninsula has long been a center of attention for growing empires, providing the most obvious bridge connecting the Middle East and Europe. At different times in history it has the home to the Persians, the Seljuk's, the Hittites, the Romans and the Greeks. The Persians initiated sugar, the Greeks were responsible for manufacturing wine while kebabs and flatbreads serve up with yoghurt are the Turkey's roaming inheritance.


Turkish Mezze

Like a number of other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, the appetizers incorporated in the mezze menu

are an admired approach to set up a Turkish dinner. Mezze contains plenty of yoghurt-based dishes such as patlican salatasi, a blend of roasted aubergine, yoghurt and dolmades and olive oil, which are full of vine leaves


Main Courses in Turkish Restaurants

There are wide range main courses from rich baked fish to plain grilled meats casseroles and meat. There are as well several delicious vegetarian assortments out of which is a stewed pulse served up with rice and pickle. Kebabs are also served as main course, usually the kofte range which consists of large portion of meat grilled on a skewer, regularly flavored with fenugreek and sumac. Also the admired dishes here are pide. Which are made of dough bases baked with toppings of various kinds, cheese, often feta or egg. They are very similar to the pizza but it is deeper and contain more of the toppings.


Turkish Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, Turkish desserts are rich and delicious. Firin sutlac is a version of rice pudding, baked with sugar, cream, orange essence and rose water. There are also plentiful of sweetmeats which include the legendary baklava layered in filo pastry, and stuffed with pistachios or almond paste sheered in syrup. Turkish dishes are very popular in the capital and as the public's love affair for Turkish cuisine carries on, more Turkish restaurants are spring up all around London on a regular basis.