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Turkey Vacation & Travel Guide

The location of Turkey which is between Asia and Europe allows a mixture of exotic cultures takes in. Most of the visitors of Turkey gather in Istanbul even though Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. You can visit the Istiklal Avenue and spend time at the art galleries and cafés. Or, shop away at the Kanyon Shopping Mall and the Grand Bazaar. Some other interesting places worth visiting include Antalya where there are great beaches; Marmaris and Bodrum. Turkey, of course is a Muslim country.



However, it is the home to among the oldest Christian churches within the world. This is a huge example of the existed history here. Try the authentic Hamam for those who are looking to relax. The Hamam treatment makes your skin silky smooth and drains away your worries. In Turkey, start and end your day with the local tea and coffee – the Best of Turkey which are bound to overcome any leading coffee chain. This is a must try. Here are among the main attractions within Turkey:

This is the heart of Turkish cuisine. Fellow vegetarians would love Mezes as they have a huge variety of delicious appetizers which also include cold, baked aubergine with onion and tomato (imam bayildi), and stuffed vegetables (dolma).

The European-style modern Ankara city houses the prominent Anatolian Civilizations Museum which where the Anatolian culture chronicles to the Classical era from the Late Stone Age.

This is the home of the mystic who founded "Whirling Dervish" or Mevlevi division. Konya is actually the Sufic centre of mystical teaching and practice. In December, during the Mevlâna Festival, the Whirling Dervishes make a fantastic public appearance.

From the south of Izmir, Ephesus is about an hour drive. About 20km away from Ephesus is where Kusadasi is located which is the nearby larger town. Ephesus’s Temple of Artemis was among the world’s seven wonders and it was constructed approximately 550 BC. The temple measures four times bigger than Parthenon.

The Cappadocia region geological formation which is a volcanic area all started about ten million years ago. The stones and lava which were ejected, today form the Cappadocia soil: dust and ashes around the volcano, basalt lava on the volcano slopes which forms a 100-150 meter deep layer, made of sandstone, agglomerate tuff, clay and marl

Yerebatan Saray, Istanbul
Istanbul's Yerebatan Cistern is an enormous tank that contains 336 columns along with almost water measuring 12 inches on the floor. In the cistern is among the most well-known tourist attractions is the pedestal which are carved into it are two Medusa heads. One head on its size and the other upside down.

The Ottoman is where the Hamam comes from, or better known as the Turkish bath, similar to the Roman bath. It has had three rooms; the warm room (tepidarium) for washing with water and soap; those who love steam-soaking and massage, then the luxurious, steamy hot room (caldarium) is the place to have that; and the cool room. After the bath, the cold room is where you can rest or take a nap in a personal cubicle with a glass of tea or Turkish coffee.

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